Salon International


Last weekend I was at Salon International modelling for Vidal Sassoon and the launch of their Nu-Pop AW14 collection. This new collection draws inspiration from the 1960s and combines it with a grungier edge, the concept being an imaginary meeting between Kurt Cobain and Peggy Moffitt. The collection is divided into three main looks: Nu-Op, Nu-Scene, and Nu-Psych.

I was part of the Nu-Scene group styled particularly on the late 60s with Edie Sedgwick as the muse and The Velvet Underground’s ‘Femme Fatale’ as the song for our routine. Hair colours were shades of red, coppery tones and pinks (hence my hair now being a mixture of crimson and cherry red!). The outfits were brightly coloured, inspired by the YSL Mondrian dress, complete with oversized colourful sunglasses.

Nu-Op also drew direct inspiration from the 60s with psychedelic black and white patterns influenced by Op artist Bridget Riley and darker hair colours featuring some beautiful deep blue and purple tones. Finally Nu-Psych brought out the more subversive, grungier side of the collection; dusty pinks and pale purples were the predominant hair shades with the clothing being loose and layered. For their make-up the Nu-Psych models had a colourful, glittery star drawn around one eye which I particularly liked!

Nu-Op outfits

Nu-Op outfits

Nu-Scene shoes

Nu-Scene shoes

It was a busy but fun weekend full of choreography rehearsals, hair prep, make-up, and the shows themselves which go insanely quickly when you’re onstage! If you want to check out the Sassoon photos from Salon International I’ll leave you with the links below to have a browse through.

Salon Live: Backstage Pass; Front Row

Fellowship of British Hairdressing Stage


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