Introduction to The Five and Dime


Let’s start with the name. In John Hughes’ Pretty in Pink there’s a scene in which two of the super-rich girls turn to Andie and snidely remark, “where d’you get your clothes, five and dime store?” (Note: if you haven’t seen said film, here is where you need to go watch it and come back when you have, it’s essential). Andie can wear whatever she wants; she always looks fabulous (well, perhaps excepting the slightly disappointing final dress – we’ll gloss over that. She still rocks it).

Anyway, as a film that contains some of my greatest style icons (we haven’t even mentioned Duckie yet but he will feature, a lot) my blog definitely had to have something to do with this 80s gem. Also I like to think I had my own ‘Andie moment’ when in 6th form one day, meandering to class in my habitually slightly away-with-the-fairies state, I heard a small voice with a heavy south London accent call, “ ‘Scuse me, where d’you get your clothes from, the charity shop?”. I wasn’t even wearing anything that eccentric; as far as I recall my mum’s Fair Isle jumper (which at the time my sister would not be seen in public with but shortly after adopted into her own wardrobe), and probably a floral dress – a pretty staple outfit for me. I found it all quite amusing and the truth is yes, a lot of my wardrobe does come from charity shops, boot-sales, vintage markets, and the like. The majority of my clothes (genuinely 90% of my wardrobe at least) are second hand, which, in brief, I prefer because it’s more sustainable, ethical, individual and exciting than buying the latest high street trend.

So there you have a little introduction to my heavily 80s infused fashion influences, and for now I’ll leave you with some super looks from Pretty in Pink featuring the ever dapper Duckie and Andie.


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